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Cartherics intends to be a major player in the development and commercialisation of CAR-T cell therapies, particularly for the treatment of solid tumours.

Cartherics plan is genetic enhancement of cytotoxic killer T cells to have dual cancer binding receptors – their own natural TCR plus CAR-T technology, to seek out tumour cells, enhanced further with a docking antibody.

These cells are multiplied and can be transfused alone or with other drugs that increase the immunotherapeutic response by e.g. uncoupling of immune handbrakes (checkpoint blockade inhibitors) or suppressing regulatory T cells (Tregs), that will be greatly effective on destroying cancers including solid tumours.

The central objective of Cartherics’s approach is to create an “off-the-shelf” cancer immunotherapy that is highly effective, clinically efficient, broadly available, and far less expensive than autologous (patient specific) immunotherapies – essentially it will be the next generation of cancer immunotherapy.

With the global market for cancer drugs expected to reach $147 billion by 2018, and immunotherapies offering the promise for future cancer therapies, Cartherics with its unique approach and differentiated technology is at the right place, at the right time, with the most promising approach to broadly available CAR-T treatments for cancer.