Key Consultants

Dr Miles Prince (Clinical Advisor)

  • Clinical oncologist at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Head of Cancer Research at the Epworth Private Hospitals, Melbourne and a Professor at both Melbourne and Monash universities
  • Miles is engaged in major stem cell research and the mechanisms of the immune systems’ control of blood and cancer growth.


Professor Michael Brown

  • Heads the Cancer Clinical Trials at Royal Adelaide Hospital where he is also a medical oncologist.
  • Conducts a phase 1 trial of CAR T cell therapy for metastatic melanoma.



Mr Phillip Haines (Company Secretary)

  • Founder of a specialist accounting firm The CFO Solution.
  • Worked as a service provider to the technology sector for over 25 years.
  • Currently CFO and Company Secretary to a number of listed and unlisted health technology companies.



Dr Ian Nisbet (Corporate Advisor)

  • Founder, Executive, Chairman or CEO of multiple life science companies, including several in oncology.
  • Brings over 25 years of direct biotech, strategic and operational experience to the team.



Dr Peter Hudson (Scientific Advisor)

  • Founder/ CSO of multiple life science companies, with a focus on antibody technologies.
  • A scientific expert with extensive expertise in commercial development of protein-based therapeutics with over 100 published reports and over 20 patents submitted.



Dr Maureen Howard (Project Management Advisor)

  • Project management specialist who recently guided the immune CD47 cancer project at the Stem Cell Institute, Stanford University into clinical trials.
  • VP Research Androgen, Corixa, ChemoCentrix California, Director Immunology DNAX, visiting scientist NIAID at NIH.