Professor Irving Weissman a member of the Cartherics Scientific Advisory Board  – ‘Stanford stem cell pioneer Irving Weissman honoured by multiple organisations’.

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Biotech Daily reports  ….. Professor Jacques Miller wins Japan prize, January 2018

Professor Jacques Miller a member of Cartherics’ Scientific Advisory Board  wins “The Japan Prize Foundation says Walter and Eliza Hall Institute’s Prof Jacques Miller and Emory’s Prof Max Cooper have won the Japan Prize for Medical and Medicinal Science. A spokesperson for the Foundation told Biotech Daily that Prof Miller and Dr Cooper would share the YEN50 million ($A550,000) prize for their discovery of T and B lymphocytes which protecting bodies from infection. The Foundation said that Prof Miller discovered that T-lymphocytes attacked virus-infected cells, which “paved the way for decades of developments in lifesaving immunotherapies”.

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute website said that in 1966, Prof Miller returned to Australia, having been invited by then director Prof Gustav Nossal, to be head of the experimental pathology unit and working with Dr Graham Mitchell, set out to prove that the thymus produces immune cells, to be known as T-cells that were essential for the immune response. “What we discovered was that there are in fact two types of white blood cells: T-cells, which are produced in the thymus, and B cells which are produced in the bone marrow,” Prof Miller said.“Furthermore, we discovered that B-cells are the cells that produce antibodies, and that T-cells actually interact with the B-cells to help them produce antibodies,” Prof Miller said.

The Foundation media release said that Prof Cooper and Prof Miller’s discovery established the basic concepts underlying modern immunology. The Foundation said the award ceremony would be held in Tokyo on April 18, 2018 with a YEN50 million Japan Prize for resources, energy, environment and social infrastructure prize awarded to Dr Akira Yoshino for his development of lithium ion batteries. The media release said that the prize evaluated 13,000 nominators comprised of prominent scientists and researchers from across the globe.The Foundation said that each November it announced two specific fields to be awarded in two years’ time and opens nominations with the 2019 Japan Prize to be awarded to ‘materials, production’ and ‘biological production, biological environment”.

CRC-P Grant, 4th round selection announcement – success for Cartherics.                 6 December 2017

Cartherics has been advised by the Hon Craig Laundy MP (Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science) that its application “Allogeneic Stem Cell Cancer Immunotherapies” in the 4th Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Project Funding round has been successful.

Cartherics’ application was one of just 15 successful applications out of a total of 70 received in the 4th CRC-P round.

Under the grant, Cartherics and its CRC-P partners (Cell Therapies Pty Ltd, Mesoblast Ltd, Monash University and the Hudson Institute of Medical Research) will develop ‘off-the-shelf’ immunotherapy products for cancer based on novel, specially selected, cell lines. As few as three rare triple HLA homozygous donor cells are histocompatible with a large percentage (~50%) of the Australian population. These will be used to create haplotype induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) that can be infinitely expanded. These iPSCs will be gene edited and differentiated to become cytotoxic T cells with multiple targeting receptors for use in clinical trials of relapsed ovarian and gastric cancers.

Cartherics is proud to be selected as a participant in the CRC Program, which has a long history of developing real world solutions to improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries.

15-17 March 2018, Melbourne

Our organising committee has been working relentlessly on this inaugural world conference having now assembled an excellent program of 40+ national and international opinion leaders. This conference is indeed something out of the ordinary.

Immunotherapy is on the cusp of revolutionising cancer treatment with some in the field even considering the potential of cure. With this in mind – and the fact Australia is an epi-centre of immunotherapy research and its clinical translation – it seems very timely and highly appropriate to convene this conference. This is the first of its kind in our part of the world and one of the few globally with a sole focus of immunotherapy to attack cancer. We know it will be attended with enthusiasm.

Please visit the website and take a closer look …..

21 – 22 September 2017

Exploring the possibility of an Advanced Centre of Excellence in Immunotherapy linking Australia and Indonesia at the highest level.

Pictured from left to right : Professor Richard Boyd, Dr Aucky Hinting, Professor Alan Trounson, Dr Triono Soendoro and Dr ILyas Angsar.

September 4-7 2017 Boston USA

‘Where senior key opinion leaders from all CAR-TCR organisations come to learn best practice, access new data and expand their network. This summit brings together 70 plus world-class speakers and over 500 cell therapy experts to drill down into the very latest case studies and capitalise on the promise of transformative CAR-T and TCR therapies’.

This year Cartherics’ Professor Richard Boyd attended.

Work Experience at Cartherics – June 2017

Thank you again Toorak College, Mount Eliza for loaning us Maddie and Kellie for a couple of days for Work Experience.

Pictured from left to right : Madeleine Hawkins, Kellie Larkins and Dr Nick Boyd (Cartherics).

KTCC (Kyoto T Cell Conference)

Professor Richard Boyd spoke this month at the KTCC (Kyoto T Cell Conference) held from 13-17 March 2017 in Japan. 

Pictured from left to right: Shigeki Miyawaki Ph.D (Senior Manager – Licence) and Shuzo Kudo (Vice President – Licence) both from iPS Academia Japan INC, Professor Richard Boyd (CSO Cartherics) and Professor Hiroshi Kawamoto (Cartherics SAB Member).


15 March 2017

CLUB MELBOURNE AWARDS – Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

On 15 March 2017 Club Melbourne’s Ambassador Program had the pleasure of celebrating the Ambassadors 2016 achievements in bringing international conferences to Melbourne.

Pictured below :

(From left to right): The Hon. John Eren MP (Minister for Tourism and Major Events),  Professor Richard Boyd and Professor Alan Trounson.

Group photograph : Melbourne Club’s Ambassadors

“Eradicate Cancer World Congress 2018” will be held in Melbourne in March 2018.

stewiedonn LR Club-Melb-Awards-2017-30

stewiedonn LR Club-Melb-Awards-2017-36


October 2016

It was a pleasure having a work experience student from Toorak College gain valuable laboratory process insight here at Cartherics.

July 2016

“Today six enthusiastic Unit 3 Biology students attended the Monash Health Translation Centre in Clayton. The girls were taken on a tour by the world renowned cancer treatment researcher Professor Richard Boyd, where they were able to see the multi million dollar facilities in action and witness the lab technicians and scientists at work, including the Distinguished Scientist, Professor Alan Trounson.

The girls were able to gain an insight into the future of treatments for cancer and other diseases. We would like to thank Professor Richard Boyd for his time as his wealth of knowledge was invaluable during the tour.

The students who attended were Ayesha Owens, Brooke Gauci, Jessie Watts, Jessica Bean, Tegan Bell, Melinda Gamon”.

Linda Howey, Head of Year 10  Toorak College